The Ultimate Venison Cookbook for Deer Camp


Ultimate Venison Cookbook for Deer Camp is the best venison cookbook. Hunters will take it up a notch from the usual camp house fare and cook like a pro with more than 300 favorite recipes from master hunter Harold Webster – THE authority on venison cooking. After more than 50 years collecting recipes, Webster shares his BEST recipes for cooking at Deer Camp. Not a book for the masses, this camp house collection is for that exclusive group of avid sportsmen who live for the deer camp experience. In addition to 300 recipes, hand-picked for preparation at the deer camp, there are stories about hunting and history plus hints, tips, and other helpful information.


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You’ll Love the Ultimate Venison Cookbook for Deer Camp

So you’ve spent the perfect weekend at deer camp, the weekend’s kill is chilling in the cooler, and now you are ready to eat. But what should you cook? Can’t decide what to make with your well-earned catch? No need to worry, because with Harold Webster’s Ultimate Venison Cookbook for Deer Camp, the options are endless. With more than 50 years of hunting under his belt, Webster has mastered the art of cooking venison, ensuring a new and exciting flavor experience with every dish. Featuring over 300 hand-picked venison recipes, this is one cookbook that should be on every deer camp shelf.

A Venison Cookbook to Help You Enjoy Your Kill

In the United States, nearly 14 million people go hunting each year. Hunters spend an average of 21 days pursuing their game. With so much time and effort spent on hunting, it’s important to know how to prepare your catch in a way that your deer camp friends and family will love. Harold Webster is the authority on cooking venison, so you can trust him to steer you right when cooking at deer camp. In the Ultimate Venison Cookbook for Deer Camp, Webster has included hundreds of his best venison recipes. Enjoy recipes like Grilled T-Bone Steaks with Bourbon Marinade, a dish featuring venison steaks served with a side of bespoke onion-tomato sauce. Need to satisfy that craving for Tex-Mex? Webster has you covered with his Mexican-Style Chile Pizza, a deer camp twist on the classic Mexican-style pizza that uses ground venison, Monterey Jack cheese, Italian tomatoes, and chopped green chiles. You’ll want to make two because they will go fast.

Tons of Easy Venison Recipes

Potlucks are a staple at most deer camps. They’re the perfect opportunity to enjoy good food and great company as you socialize with the other campers. Nothing makes for a better potluck than Mr. Webster’s Hell-Fire Venison Chili, a venison and beef-based chili with just the right amount of kick. Double the recipe for a fireside meal that will feed the whole camp. It’s just a fact of deer camp life that hunters must struggle through harsh winter months if they wish to reap the rewards that deer season brings. Warm up the whole camp with a nice, hot stew like Webster’s Vegetable and Venison Stew. Hardy venison and potatoes will satisfy your hunger while the hot stew base warms you up from the inside. With Harold Webster’s helping hand, you’ll be a hit at the next camp house potluck.

The Best Deer Meat Recipes in the Best Venison Cookbook

You don’t want to forget dessert, and if Harold Webster has any say in the matter, you certainly won’t. Besides being a pro at cooking venison, Mr. Webster is also quite adept at whipping up desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. His Mississippi Buttermilk Pie is quick to make but fast to disappear. It’s just that good. For the perfect post-hunt pick-me-up, prepare his Old-Style Banana Pudding beforehand. Just the thought of digging in to a bowl of this meringue-topped banana heaven will have you salivating in your deer stand. You’ll want to hurry back, but not before you bagging your game of choice.

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