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Kent “The Deck Chef” Whitaker will grill just about anything — from pound cake to pizza, porterhouse to pineapple.

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Fire Up the Grill with the Great American Grilling Cookbook

There’s nothing more characteristic of American culinary tradition than a good, old-fashioned backyard cookout. Ever wished you could grill like the pros do? With Kent Whitaker’s Great American Grilling in your arsenal, you’ll be a pitmaster in no time. The ultimate backyard barbecue and tailgating guide, this cookbook has everything you need. Altogether, you’ll enjoy 250 easy-to-follow recipes, helpful hints and pit-proven tips, and a comprehensive guide to tailgating. You’ll also be the star of your next backyard party or football game social. Fire up those grills and let’s get smokin’.

Easy Grilling Recipes

Great American Grilling boasts plenty of delectable recipes that are sure to charm even the pickiest eaters. You’ll discover everything from simple starters to main dish meats for the serious griller. Spice up your meat prep with Kent’s best rubs, sauces, and marinades. You can’t go wrong with the Tennessee Whiskey Brown Sugar Barbecue Sauce recipe, a tangy purée of Tennessee whiskey, apple cider vinegar, and a blend of spices that give it just the right kick. Just drizzle a bit over your favorite barbecue for a match made in heaven.

Appetizers Galore

In search of the perfect appetizer? Look no further than the recipe for Stuffed Tomato Poppers included in the cookbook. Served them chilled or hot, grilled or baked, and flavor the cheesy filling to your liking. They’re sure to be an instant party classic. From here, there’s no turning back, so jump right into main dishes when you take a stab at Kent’s recipe for Petite Sirloin with Port Mushroom Shallot Sauce, a savory sirloin steak topped with a custom sauce of blended port, mushrooms, and shallots. For fully incorporated flavor, you can even baste the steaks in the sauce as they cook. Your taste buds will thank you.

From Seafood to Dessert

Love seafood? Well, this cookbook has it all, including a whole chapter devoted to seafood prep. The Quick and Easy Sweet Spicy Barbecue Grilled Shrimp make a delicious side for any seafood lovers in your crowd. Finish off your grilling extravaganza with Kent’s collection of delectable dessert recipes. Apple pie is about as American as it gets, so try Ally’s Apple Cider Apple Pie recipe. This scratch-made pie is a fitting closer to your first foray into grilling.

Tried-and-True Tips and Grilling Ideas for the Best BBQ Cooking

Great American Grilling is peppered with helpful insider tips and pit-proven tips that will make your grilling experience all the easier. Learn what a rub is and how best to use them, explore the various types of barbecue sauce, discover how to choose the perfect seafood or shellfish safely, and enjoy a smattering of tips for substitutions and ingredient variations that will help you out in a pinch. Speaking of tips, Kent’s guide to tailgating is the comprehensive instructional to truck-bed entertaining you have always needed but just never knew about. Enjoy helpful hints from his “Before the Tailgate” checklist that will have you prepped before the event even starts. Once there, his “At the Tailgate” checklist will ensure everything runs smoothly, guaranteeing your undisputed status as a certified grilling superstar. You don’t want to miss this.

Great American Grilling is available for purchase through Great American Publishers, a publishing company specializing in best-selling cookbooks featuring easy, tried-and-true recipes sure to please the entire family. If you’re craving Southern food, or you just love Southern cooking, Great American Publishers is your one-stop shop. Browse a selection of Southern cookbooks packed with Southern recipes for Southern dishes and Southern dinner ideas great for any night of the week. Order your copy today.

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