Georgia Hometown Cookbook

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Georgia Hometown Cookbook brings you more than 300 of these all-time favorite recipes. When it comes to Georgia hometown cooking, there’s something for everyone to love in the Georgia Hometown Cookbook. And this book brings you the BEST that Georgia has to offer!



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Georgia Hometown Cookbook, Georgia home cooking at its best

Discover the flavors of Georgia like never before with the Georgia Hometown Cookbook. This colorful collection of Georgia recipes has been passed down through generations of Georgia’s home cooks. You’ll also learn about Georgia food traditions and the festivals in Georgia held each year that celebrate them. From metropolitan Atlanta to the Southern grace of Savannah and the soaring beauty of the mountain region to the sun-kissed Atlantic coast, Georgia is rich with exciting new tastes and experiences. Indeed, the dishes are different from town to town, but one thing remains the same—they are all from the heart.

Peaches & Parties

We call Georgia “The Peach State” for a reason. For example, the state’s peach production is the third largest operation in the United States. Also, many critics regard Georgia peaches as the best peaches around in terms of taste, texture, and aesthetics. Byron and Fort Valley have just the event to honor this wonderful fruit: the Georgia Peach Festival. Celebrated in June each year, this popular festival honors Georgia peach farmers for their contributions to the state’s economy. Festivalgoers enjoy concerts, a parade, food vendors, arts & crafts exhibits, music, dancing, fireworks, and so much more. You can even sample the world’s largest peach cobbler. Your oven definitely won’t fit the pan required, but the festival has also included the festival recipe World’s Largest Peach Cobbler. With a 5×11-foot oven, and several hundred pounds of ingredients, you can bring the Festival’s giant cobbler to your kitchen.

Seafood Served Up the Georgia Way

The Atlantic Ocean borders parts of southeastern Georgia. For that reason, Georgia cuisine has a rich history of appreciating the wonderful bounties of the sea. The Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival held in the coastal town of Richmond Hill is one such appreciation. Held the third weekend in October, this event features live entertainment, a carnival, a 5K Crab Crawl, dozens of arts & crafts vendors, a fireworks display, and more.

Attendees will also enjoy some of the greatest seafood Coastal Georgia has to offer. Munch on shrimp & grits, fried shrimp, fried oysters, crab balls, crab sliders, conch fritters, seafood gumbo, fish tacos, calamari, and fried grouper. There’s also an extensive selection of classic festival foods for those who are partial to funnel cakes and the like. Try the Deep Fried Georgia Crab Puppies recipe for a taste of Georgia seafood in the comfort of your home.

Georgia Onions & Airshows

Did you know that the Vidalia onion is named after the Georgia town of Vidalia? For more than 40 years, the town has in fact celebrated its world-famous harvest with the Vidalia Onion Festival. Held in April, this festival marks the first harvest of the season of Vidalia onions. Visitors will also enjoy an airshow, arts & crafts, a fireworks display, races, a rodeo, a carnival, and a sweet onion cook-off. Try Georgia Hometown’s Vidalia Stuffed Chicken Breasts recipe for a delicious dish that will have you praising Vidalia onions. You don’t want to miss it!

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2 reviews for Georgia Hometown Cookbook

  1. Dorothy Payette

    I received a sample copy of the Georgia Hometown Cookbook last week and truly enjoyed perusing from front to back.
    The cover colours, as well as the recipe pages, are reminiscent of what Georgia is renowned for – peaches, and the peachy & light green tones are almost a giveaway of what State the recipe book is from (if the name of the State wasn’t on the cover, that is). The background colours make you want to read on and on.

    The Font used for the each recipe heading seems to bring out a down-home feeling, and the spacing on the pages is so well-proportioned, without any clutter, and makes for an easy read all the way through.

    It was fun to have an online clickable weblink to all the Festivals advertised in this Georgia cookbook. A lot of information concerning dates and times for upcoming festivals, made it easy to pre-determine where one would love to go visit some part of the State to attend one of these celebrations.

    Beautiful photographs of special places made leafing through this book like a brief trip throughout Georgia. As well, photos of various mouth-watering dishes made me feel like cooking immediately to sample these luscious meals.

    Looking forward to reading more cookbook samples soon.

  2. Karen Altom

    Yes, this cookbook has yummy looking recipes – but it’s also a fun way to get to know Georgia! My husband and I love that Georgia Festivals information is scattered throughout the book – we have been choosing not only great recipes, but times we’d like to visit! Neat, neat cookbook!

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