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Tennessee Back Road Restaurant Recipes
A Cookbook & Restaurant Guide

Tennessee Back Road Restaurant Recipes Cookbook

by Anita Musgrove




Media Release:

Tennessee Cookbook Chronicles Best Locally Owned Restaurants

(Great American Publishers; Anita Musgrove (Brandon, MS) has released her third cookbook — Tennessee Back Road Restaurant Recipes a cookbook and restaurant guide featuring everything from restaurant signature recipes to those family favorite recipes the owners and chefs cook at home.

What makes the book so popular? It’s the restaurants that have participated by sharing their favorite recipes plus information about their establishment. Opening the pages of this unique cookbook gives you an insider’s look at the locally owned, mom and pop restaurants that make Tennessee so special.

The book presents this glimpse into more than 125 of the state’s back road restaurants in regions making it easy to travel to each outstanding restaurant. When traveling to Western Tennessee, you’ll experience a “Blast from the Past” at Kokomo’s 50’s Diner where you can grab a burger and malt, sit in the back of a 59 Cadillac, and enjoy rich goodness like you haven’t tasted since the 50’s.  Listen to Golden Oldies while enjoying the best burger south of the Mason Dixon Line.

Central Tennessee offers 45 restaurants to explore including Ralph’s Donut Shop in Cookeville, the first to commit to our book. Another favorite place is Mike’s All American Diner in Shelbyville.  Stop in on Wednesday morning or every second Saturday evening and shake a veteran’s hand because they fought for our freedom.
In the Eastern region, you will enjoy eating at places like Amis Mill Eatery in Rogersville, Carl’s Drive In in Loudon, and The Plaid Apron in the Sequoyah Hills community. 1885 Grill was voted best overall restaurant in Chattanooga by City Scope magazine.

No time to travel?  No problem.  Each restaurant provides one or more recipes — some are restaurant recipes you can prepare at home, others are family favorites they prepare when cooking at home, and still others are local favorite recipes, but all are delicious and presented in a way that makes each dish a joy to make at home.

Why write a cookbook that focuses on locally owned restaurants?  Musgrove says, “My late husband, Leonard, and I loved to travel back roads just seeing what we could see.  Invariably, as we traveled, we would stop at small, hole-in-the-wall restaurants for a great meal.  We preferred these quaint diners and unique dives for their personality and atmosphere over the same old same of chain restaurants.  Many times we would have the opportunity meet the owners and always we would meet the friendly locals of the area.”

After losing her husband to lung cancer several years ago, Musgrove began a labor of love researching, documenting, and contacting these unique restaurants and eventually compiling them into a state-by-state cookbook series.  Editions currently in print include:  Alabama Back Road Restaurant Recipes, Kentucky Back Road Restaurant Recipes, and now Tennessee Back Road Restaurant Recipes, with an edition for Texas coming soon.   Musgrove’s series has become extremely popular selling across the United State and quickly becoming the best-selling cookbook series for her publisher, Great American Publishers.

For more information about Tennessee Back Road Restaurant Recipes, visit the publisher’s website at or call toll-free 1-888-854-5954 to request a free catalog.   The book is available locally at bookstores and gift shops as well as at many of the restaurants featured in the book.  Get your copy today and start traveling Tennessee’s back roads—deliciously.


About the Book:

Tennessee Back Road Restaurant Recipes Cookbook

by Anita Musgrove

$18.95 • paper • 256 pages • 7 x 9
full-color • ISBN 978-1-934817-21-6


This third book in the State Back Road Restaurants Cookbook Series serves up a well-researched and charming guide to the state’s best back road restaurants. This is not your usual guide to high-priced, white-tablecloth restaurants. These are hidden gems that most people would never discover unless they lived in these quaint Tennessee towns.

No time to travel?  No problem.  Each restaurant shares with you their favorite recipes.  Some recipes are signature dishes, others are family favorites, but all are delicious.

From Quiche Lorraine at Carriage House Café in Jackson to Bourbon Street Pecan Pie at the Dixie Outpost to Hash Brown Casserole at Boyette’s Dining Room where they have been serving classic, down-home goodness since 1921 and are one of the oldest eating establishments on Reelfoot Lake…. from Fudge Pie at Tea on the Mountain in Tracy City to Woodbury at The Blue Porch Restaurant specializing in homemade desserts featuring a different recipe each day of the week. … every back road leads to delicious food when traveling across The Volunteer State.

In Tennessee Back Road Restaurant Recipes, you’ll discover terrific recipes plus a guide to every restaurant you won’t want to miss while traveling the back roads of Tennessee. So crank up the car and join us.



About the Author:

Anita Musgrove (Brandon, MS) comes from a long line of great home cooks and grew up cooking for her family. She is author of the State Back Road Restaurants Cookbook Series which currently includes six editions: Alabama Back Road Restaurant RecipesKentucky Back Road Restaurant RecipesLouisiana Back Road Restaurant RecipesMissouri Back Road Restaurant RecipesTennessee Back Road Restaurant Recipes and Texas Back Road Restaurant Recipes. This series was a natural for Anita who has always loved to travel by car along the back roads of the United States. She and her husband of 45 years logged thousands of miles traveling together eating at many locally owned restaurants. After losing him to cancer, she decided the best way to pay homage to that memory is to produce a series of cookbooks promoting the best back road restaurants for those who also enjoy traveling. With five successful editions in print and the South Carolina edition coming soon, Anita has found her new calling. Anita, who was born in Bessemer, Alabama, currently lives in Brandon, Mississippi, and has two children, five grandchildren and one great grandson. She still enjoys traveling by car with her new traveling partner, Richard Shaw. She also enjoys family, cooking, serving at her church, and crocheting.



About the Series:

Tennessee Back Road Restaurant Recipes Cookbook

Tennessee Back Road Restaurant Recipes Cookbook

The STATE BACK ROAD RESTAURANT COOKBOOK SERIES is a collection of cookbooks that double as a restaurant guide for the state. Each book features information about locally owned restaurants throughout the state and includes one or more recipes from each restaurant. Currently featuring editions for Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, and Texas, this is a series that has been a work in progress for many years.


Author Anita Musgrove and her late husband, Leonard, always loved traveling the back roads. As they traveled, Leonard and Anita would drop into little mom and pop restaurants along the way. If traveling these small highways and rural country roads wasn’t adventure enough, Musgrove admits that dropping into hole-in-the-wall, off the beaten path restaurants was always a risk. “You just never know what kind of food you will get,” she says.

After losing her husband to cancer, Musgrove decided it was time to capture their years of traveling into a cookbook series. With the STATE BACK ROAD RESTAURANT COOKBOOK SERIES, her goal is to present a list of favorite locally owned restaurants. Each book is divided into regions making it easier to use while traveling. At the beginning of each region, you will find a list of restaurants featured in that section. Throughout each section, the restaurants are presented alphabetically by city with a little information about what makes each of them special.

For those arm-chair travelers who don’t have time to hit the road, each restaurant shares some of their favorite recipes — either a recipe served in the restaurant or a family favorite. Every recipe is edited for clarity and presented in a way that makes preparation easy for the home cook.

Within this unique series Musgrove takes us to every nook and cranny of a state and allows us to get to know these tiny places intimately… especially the food.




Sample Recipe:

Barrel House Brunswick Stew (only for use in article about Tennessee Back Road Restaurant Cookbook)

Barrel House Brunswick Stew

  • 2 whole chickens, pulled
  • 3 pounds pulled pork
  • 4 (14 1/2-ounce) cans diced tomatoes
  • 3 (16-ounce) bags frozen lima beans
  • 3 (16-ounce) bags frozen corn
  • 3 onions, chopped
  • 1 (32-ounce) can chicken broth
  • 1 (24-ounce) bottle ketchup
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/2 cup dark brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon black pepper
  • 1/2 cup Franks hot sauce

Combine all ingredients in a large stockpot. Cook Brunswick Stew over medium heat until heated through.