Manuscript Submission

At Great American Publishers, someone will personally review your manuscript submission and respond to you by email or mail in four to six weeks. We welcome manuscript submissions and look forward to reviewing your material

Submission Guidelines:

• Manuscripts should be typed/computer printed; please do no submit hand-written manuscripts.

• Include a cover letter with a brief description of the project. Who is the target audience of your book? Are there similar publications already available? How is your book different from other titles on the market? What sort of promotion will be particularly effective for you and your book? How can you participate in the sales and marketing of your book?

• Include an outline and/or introduction, a table of contents, and at least a fourth text. It is not necessary, but is acceptable, to send the entire manuscript.

• If the project will include illustrations or photographs, please send samples. Do NOT send originals. Clear photocopies are acceptable.

• Send a biography of the author, including publishing credits and credentials in the field. If the project also has an illustrator or photographer, please include that biographical information as well.

• Please include your name, address, telephone number, and email address with your manuscript.

When you can expect to hear from us:

After receiving your submission, we will carefully read your material to determine if it is suitable for our publishing program. If the manuscript interests us, we will contact you with comments and questions that may allow us to go to the next step: a contract.

If the manuscript does not fit our publishing program, we will return your material if a postage-paid envelope large enough to hold it is included. If a postage-paid envelope is not provided, your submission will be destroyed when our response is mailed to you.

What happens if we choose to publish your book:

If your manuscript is selected for publication, we will offer you a contract and provide specific instructions on how to submit your full manuscript (must be sent electronically). We will be responsible for editing, field testing, revisions, final title development, design, proofreading, printing, sales, marketing, and fulfillment as well as the cost associated with these functions. We will also determine a schedule for marketing and promoting the book. It is extremely important that you understand the author’s enthusiastic, active participation is crucial for a book to be as successful as possible.

Great American Publishers is a traditional (small-press) publisher. We do not charge authors to have their books published (vanity publishing) nor do we produce print on demand titles. We pay a royalty to our authors based on net receipts of sales and that is inline with industry standards.

Mail to:
Sheila Simmons
Great American Publishers
501D Avalon Way
Brandon, MS 39047

NOTE: We are not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. Do NOT submit original material.

Thank you for considering Great American as a potential publisher of your book project. We look forward to reviewing your material.