Mississippi Restaurant Cookbook Coming Soon

Mississippi Back Roads Restaurant Recipes

Mississippi Back Roads Restaurant Recipes

Mississippi Back Road Restaurant Recipes — a cookbook and travel guide to locally owned restaurants in the Magnolia State — is open for business.  We are now taking applications and suggestions for restaurants that are eligible to participate.

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Feature your Restaurant in the Book -- 3 Options

Mississippi Back Road Restaurant Recipes

Mississippi Back Road Restaurant Recipes

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Mississippi Back Road Restaurant Recipes Cookbook
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Mississippi Back Road Restaurant Recipes Cookbook
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Mississippi Back Roads Restaurant Recipes

Mississippi Back Roads Restaurant Recipes

Full-color two-page spread in
Mississippi Back Road Restaurant Recipes
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Questions & Answers

Why should I be in a cookbook?
We are a leading producer of regional, state-specific cookbooks because we know cookbooks sell.  Most books in the series sell more than 50,000 copies in the first five years.   That means information about your restaurant will be in the hands of families who will be looking for a great place to eat.  This book will bring more people to your restaurant.

What does it cost?
Nothing.  That’s right.  It’s free to be in the book. No strings attached.  We offer you discounts on buying copies of the books in advance, but there is no requirement to buy books. No fees at all.  Your 2-page spread in the book is FREE.

If it’s free, what do I have to do?
We need your feedback and a few recipes. That’s all.  Once you sign up, our graphics team will build a preliminary page for your review.  We’ll need you to look the page over carefully and approve it or send us your changes.  We also ask that you send 3 to 5 recipes for the book.  This is an important step because our readers will use your recipes over and over again and reading your profile as a reminder of WHY they want to visit your restaurant.

Do I have to share my signature restaurant recipes?
No. You certainly may, and we’ve seen that our readers respond well to those recipes.  However, you don’t have to share a restaurant recipe at all. If you prefer, send us some of your favorite recipes that you serve to family and friends.  Every recipe in the book will be labeled as a “Restaurant Recipe” or a “Family Favorite” so our readers will know if they can expect it on the menu when they visit your restaurant.

Who else will be in the book?
We are inviting locally owned, mom-and-pop, off-the-beaten-path restaurants all over the state to participate.  Our goal is to make our readers aware of great, locally owned places so they don’t feel the need to eat in a chain restaurant when traveling with their family.

Do I have to buy cookbooks?
No.  We do offer discounts for preordering cookbooks, but it is not required.  We have found that most restaurants in our cookbooks — all 8 editions to date — sell copies of the cookbooks for a profit and each copy they sell just further promotes the restaurant.

Who buys the book once it’s printed?
Great American Publishers is a family-owned company that specializes in cookbooks.  We have a team of inside sales reps that sell our cookbooks all over the country to gift shops, bookstores, hardware stores, anywhere a cookbook will sell (which is pretty much anywhere).  Our books are also sold in chain stores and big box wholesalers — like Sam’s Clubs and Costco Warehouse.  We also have a website — www.GreatAmericanPublishers.com — that reaches armchair travelers and cookbook collectors across the US.

Why do you produce this series?
The author, Anita Musgrove, has always enjoyed traveling and eating at little mom-and-pop, hole-in-the-wall restaurants.  The series was a natural for her.   After the GREAT success of her first edition — Alabama Back Road Restaurant Recipes (more than 40,000 copies in print) — Anita continued the series and now has seven other editions — Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.  Mississippi Back Road Restaurant Recipes is coming soon. 

How do I participate?
It’s Easy.  Make a choice from the 3 options above.  Click to sign up with your preferred option. Once your order is complete, the author, Anita Musgrove, will be in touch by email summarizing the next steps which are simply:  Review your proof, send recipes, then sign off on your page once you are completely happy with it. Easy. Right?

What if I still have questions? 
Call us toll-free 888-854-5954 to speak with  Anita Musgrove.

Feature your Restaurant. Call Now 888.854.5954.

About the Series

The STATE BACK ROAD RESTAURANT COOKBOOK SERIES is a collection of cookbooks that also serve as a restaurant guide for the state. Each book features information about locally owned restaurants throughout the state and includes one or more recipes from each restaurant. Current editions include Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.  The Mississippi edition will be available in 2019.

Author Anita Musgrove and her late husband, Leonard, always loved traveling the back roads. As they traveled, Leonard and Anita would drop into little mom-and-pop restaurants along the way. After losing her husband to cancer, Anita decided it was time to capture their years of traveling into a cookbook series.

Within the STATE BACK ROAD RESTAURANT COOKBOOK SERIES, Anita’s goal is to present a list of favorite locally owned restaurants that make traveling the back roads delicious. Each book is divided into regions, making it easier to use in the car. At the beginning of each region, you will find a list of restaurants featured in that section. Throughout each section, the restaurants are presented alphabetically by city with a little information about what makes each of them special.

For those arm-chair travelers who don’t have time to hit the road, each restaurant shares some of their favorite recipes — either a recipe served in the restaurant or a family favorite. Every recipe is edited for clarity and presented in a way that makes preparation easy for the home cook.

Within this unique series, Anita takes us to every nook and cranny of a state and allows us to get to know these unique places intimately… especially the food.