Mountain Memories

There are a lot of wonderful people in this country we live in. I received a reply to an email I sent out a few days ago from an amazing lady. Ms. Jeanne is 78 years old and her shop Mountain Memories has been open for 92 years. Her shop was passed down through her family to her. This shop was even open during the big depression and never closed in those 92 years.

Ms. Jeanne wrote: My little shop has always belonged to the Lord. It was first called the halfway shop … we’re halfway up Lookout Mountain, TN where wagons stopped and watered their mules before going up to deliver their load.

Then, when the tin Lizzie came along with a gravity-fed gas tank, you stopped at our shop, made sure your radiator was full and backed up for the rest of the way to the top! When the depression hit … barter was really big

My daddy and grandpa would get in people’s cars and show them all the wonderful sites of Chattanooga and the mountain for 75 cents or what you could pay! And prayers abounded… Grandpa Leo Lambert said this does not limit who we are, only God defined us… so we are children of the King!

Even today the Holy Spirit brings people to us ( many many stories) who are seeking and standing in the need of prayer! And many who bless us when we are needing confirmation! In 1996 we renamed our shop Mountain Memories!

I taught school for 39 years…. and sold trinkets! My husband, who went home in 2006, also was a teacher. I talk too much as you can see. I didn’t lose my husband … why I know exactly where he is IN HEAVEN! This is part of my story and Jesus is my song. Now I must take lunch to a lady from church who is a Holy mess at 109!  You be safe, blessed, and have the courage to stand and move forward! In mercy and grace from Lookout Mountain TN.

I love this story! I can picture it in my mind, just like I am there. People like Ms. Jeanne are the ones that make this country a great place to live. We have our faults and have made mistakes, but we as a country strive to be better.

Thank you so much, Ms, Jeanne.

If you are around Lookout Mountain, stop and visit with Ms. Jeanne, I am sure she would love to meet you.

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Mountain Memories

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