Green Eggs in a People House


For most of my life, I never lived in a finished house.  You’ve heard “the cobbler’s wife has no shoes”?  My mother was the contractor’s wife.   It’s probably not fair to say I “never” lived a in a finished house.  I can remember my parents renting a house in Florence and I loved it.  It had a library off the dining room that had big, beautiful windows and built-in bookshelves.  The best part… it came with books already on the shelves.   I guess the guy we were renting from left the books or maybe it was his previous tenant, but I’m thankful for the person who did leave them behind.  I think I was born a book lover, but those old, hardcover books on the shelf in the library of that old house with the wooden floors spoke to me.  It’s been 50 years and I still miss them. 

Even as a child, I would read just about anything.  I can remember taking the bulb out of my night light and putting it under the covers so I could read past bedtime.  Despite the fact that I was staying up too late, I think Mama thought I was going to burn the house down leaving the light laying in my bed.  It’s a wonder it didn’t catch fire! 

One of my favorite books as a small child was Just the Thing for Geraldine.  Never heard of it?  I can’t imagine why… it was published in 1974 and is about an opossum name Geraldine.  I don’t think it ever made the best-sellers list, but I would read it over and over again.   It’s Dr. Seuss week so I will also tell you about my favorite Dr. Seuss book — In a People House. The book is so easy to read, but I loved how the mouse told the bird about all the things you find in a people house.  If a psychiatrist (or would it be psychologist?) were to delve deep, that might have been a favorite because I longed for a “painted house.”

The home we lived in most of my life is still not finished, and yes, my mother still lives there.  It’s been added on to and rooms moved around many times. The storeroom turned into a laundry then a master bath on one side and pantry on the other with the laundry moving to the hall.  Porches and decks have been built and torn down.   But that brown paneling is still on the walls.  😊  If all this sounds like a complaint… it’s not.  The house my father built was a great place to live because of the people who made it home.   Family.  I may not have lived in a finished house, but I always knew who I was and who I could count on.  I would never trade that for granite counter tops.  😊 

In honor of Dr. Seuss week, here is a fun snack you can make with your kids or grandkids.  The kind of Green Eggs they will love to eat.

Green Egg Nilla Wafers

Vanilla wafer cookies
Ghirardelli white chocolate melting wafers
Green M&Ms

Place vanilla wafers on a microwave safe plate.  Place one chocolate wafer on each vanilla wafer.  Microwave 45 seconds.  Top with an M&M.  (It may take some trial and error to determine the exact time to microwave the wafer to get it fully melted.)

Some FUN Dr Seuss Facts:

  • Theodore Seuss Geisel took the pen name Dr. Seuss before writing children’s books. He lost a job writing for a magazine because he was caught drinking (illegal during prohibition) but continued to contribute to the magazine under the pen name.
  • His friends called him Ted.
  • He also wrote under the pen name Rosetta Stone.
  • He was commander of the Animation Department of the First Motion Picture Unit of the Army producing propaganda and training films.
  • He never had children of his own, and his wife declared he was “slightly afraid” of children.
  • Dr. Seuss purportedly had an imaginary child called Chrysanthemum Pearl who “could use chocolate frosting to make the most delicious oyster stew and possessed superhuman sewing skills.”
  • He wrote Green Eggs and Ham on a dare that he couldn’t write a book using only 50 different words