How are you celebrating Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is often the start of everyone’s summer fun. Being that it is a very patriotic date, most people do something to celebrate this amazing holiday with their friends and family. Memorial Day is synonymous with barbecues, picnics, swimming, homemade ice cream, and just all-around family fun.

Most spend this weekend getting together with loved ones and having some fun in the sun while honoring the heroes who died protecting our nation’s freedoms. One of the best ways to do just that is by spending the long weekend making the most of the freedoms our military personnel have sacrificed so much to preserve — and by relaxing and enjoying some of the best our nation has to offer. Flying the American Flag shows veterans, you care and appreciate the sacrifices they made.

This country we live in is the best in the world, there is no place like it. Shopping local keeps us strong in our home, communities, states, and country. Supporting our neighbors is part of being American. Get to know local merchants, they are the lifeblood of our communities.

What are your plans, barbecues with family and friends, boating or swimming, a three-day beach trip or just hanging out with the family?

Life changes so fast! Children grow up move on with their lives and have children of their own. Spending time with family, making memories that last a lifetime is a bonding that becomes priceless as life moves on. Take the time, make the memories, and enjoy family and friends.  Family gatherings are going to be about fun and food most of the time. Are you eating out or cooking in?

Here are a few great cookbook ideas to share with family and friends. Check your local gift shops for these.

Grilling fun – Great American Grilling Cookbook – (Grilling, Tailgating, Smoking Fun)

Beach Fun – Little Gulf Coast Seafood Cookbook (A Beach Vacation must have!)

Florida Fun – Florida Hometown Cookbook

Alabama FunMississippi Fun’ – Georgia FunLouisiana FunNorth Carolina funSouth Carolina funTexas FunTennessee FunOther Fun

Back to School

Raspberry Oatmeal Bars

Wishing you the absolute best friends! May God bless our country, lives, business, and bring us all back stronger than before!