Dreamy Creamy Pineapple Cake



Dreamy Creamy Pineapple Cake

Course: Desserts
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  • 1 pineapple cake mix
  • 1 can crushed pineapple drained, 16-ounce
  • 1 bar cream cheese softened, 8-ounce
  • 1 tub package Cool Whip 8-ounce
  • 1 instant French Vanilla Pudding 3-ounce


  • Bake cake in 9 x 13-inch glass dish per instructions on box (I like to use the drained pineapple juice as a portion of the liquid).
  • When cake is cooked, remove from oven and poke holes in the top with a fork.
  • Spread drained pineapple over cake while hot.
  • In a medium-sized bowl, prepare pudding according to directions on box.
  • Add cream cheese; mix well.
  • Pour this mixture evenly over cake.
  • Top Dreamy Creamy Pineapple Cake Recipe with Cool Whip.
  • Keep refrigerated.
  • Note: A yellow cake mix and plain vanilla pudding can be used in place of the pineapple cake mix and French vanilla


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