Danenberger Family Vineyards


Danenberger Family Vineyards

Thursday & Friday:  noon to 6:00 pm • Saturday: noon to 8:00 pm

Sunday:  1:00 pm to 6:00 pm • Closed in February

12341 Irish Road • New Berlin, IL 62670

217-488-6321 • www.dfv-wines.com

Danenberger Family Vineyards is more than an estate winery, it’s an experience to share with family and friends, bringing people together in conversation and laughter. Our labor in the vineyard ends in a bottled moment to enjoy and reminisce about. DFV’s passion for grapes, wine and food is a part of our lifestyle, and we love to share it.  Our winemaker, Susan Sullivan Danenberger, approaches her wines like pieces of art she is creating; painting with different flavors and aromas; letting the grape tell its story with its tannins / acids and selecting yeasts and barrels to complete the dream. Our Executive Chef, Clayton Danenberger, and Chef De Cuisine, Zac Leepper, create Gastonomy Theater at DFV to complement our wines.  DFV boasts International Award-Winning Wines and an Epic Live Music Venue local to the Springfield, Illinois area. Sip, Savor, and Share our love of Cabernet Franc and culinary excellence.

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