City of Olney


City of Olney

300 South Whittle Avenue • Olney, IL 62450

618-395-7302 •

If you are wanting to explore Illinois, we dare you to venture off the beaten path to explore a little town called Olney.  Olney’s biggest claim to fame is its population of albino white squirrels.  These squirrels were first discovered in the area in the early 1900s and remain there today.  The world is noticing, and featuring the town and its critters on various television programs.  They have also been found by the off-beat blog called Quirky Travel Guy and PBS Digital Studios’ “The Good Stuff.”

If rare, albino squirrels aren’t your thing, you will find Olney’s quaint community and slower pace quite refreshing.  Olney is home to various local eateries, each with their signature dishes.  Additionally, Olney is host to three beautiful lakes that are known to fishermen all over the state for their beauty, landscape, and of course….great fishing! 

Shop, dine, play…Olney has it all!

As Featured in Eat & Explore Illinois