Chicago Pizza Tours


Chicago Pizza Tours

Open every day 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

27 North Wacker Drive • Chicago, IL 60606

888-210-3237 •

Chicago Pizza Tours delivers bus guided food tours of pizzerias significant to the culture of Chicago’s renowned pizza scene.  Guests are given the opportunity to feel like a local as they dine off the beaten path in unique neighborhoods.  As you savor a variety of pizza, you’ll learn all about the science of ingredient selection as well as the baking methods that make these pizzas so delicious.  Designed by Jonathan Porter, the tours meet in a central part of the downtown Chicago area but travel approximately 15-20 miles through various neighborhoods to give guests a chance to experience pizzerias they may not explore on their own.  Every tour visits four restaurants; each serving a drastically different tasting slice that will make it difficult to choose a flavor.  Rather than finding the best slice, it is about the journey.

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