Beautiful Christmas Angel Ornament

Beautiful Christmas Angel Ornament

We are making this ornament at our Happy Birthday Jesus party.  It is beautiful hanging on the tree and a great craft for children ages 5 years (with a little help) through 6th grade (or older).  

  • Start with Jingle Bell and thread brown string through to make a hanger. (see pictures below to see the steps)
  • Tie string at the top by holding both ends together then looping around and through; pull tight.
  • Take a white or red pip cleaner and insert it into one side of the bell straight across and out the other side.
  • Center the bell in the middle of the pipe cleaner then pull the two sides down and tug gently to bring pipe cleaner to the bottom of the bell.
  • Make a twist just below the bell to hold the pipe cleaner in place
  • About one third of the way down the pipe cleaner, make a fold bringing the bottom of the pipe cleaner back up towards the angel’s head.
  • Repeat with other side and then twist them at the fold to lock together.
  • These will be the angels arms, but first…
  • Fold the gold pipe cleaner in half
  • Take one of the bottoms and bring it back up to the middle fold to make a loop on one side.
  • Wrap the bottom around the middle of the pipe cleaner to lock it in place
  • Repeat with the other side
  • Now you have two loops which are Angel Wings.
  • Thread Angel wings through the middle of the Angel’s Body
  • Now wrap the Angel’s arms around the middle of the wings and then around to make an arm on each side.
  • Using two feathers about the same length, push them into the bell on top of the Angel’s Arms & Wings

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