Buy it Once, Benefit Forever

Get Lifetime Advertising in Great American CookbooksAdvertise in a Cookbook for Lifetime Advertising

 Great American Cookbooks are sold across the United States to bookstores, gift shops, chain stores, and big-box wholesale stores (Sam’s Wholesale Club and Costco).
 Each printing is sold-out within 9 to 18 months. Your advertising leaves our warehouse and is in the hands of your customers … fast.
 Our target customer is your target customer… men and women of all income households and age 30 to 60.
 Not your average advertisement … being prominently featured in a well-known, established cookbook is prestigious and less expensive than producing your own cookbook.
 There are only two advertising spots available per book so your company receives targeted advertising without the distraction of multiple ads.
The two spots available are inside Front Cover and inside Back Cover for maximum exposure. Ads are full-page, full-color.
 Advertising in a cookbook means your ad will continue to work for you for many years.
 People collect cookbooks. The average cookbook buyer keeps their cookbooks for many years.
 Because our cookbooks feature everyday recipes for the everyday cook, they are used over and over again and your business is promoted every time the book is opened.
 Unlike other forms of advertising, your cookbook ad is paid for once… no more contract renewals.
 How quickly is your advertising forgotten? Newspapers are discarded within 3 days, magazines are thrown away after 45 days, television ads last 60 seconds…Cookbooks are rarely thrown away; they are handed down for generations so your business receives lifetime advertising.

Are you interested in unique and long-term advertising?  Call us today at 888-854-5954 to feature your business in the next printing of a Great American Cookbook.